Inspirational, Informative, and Entertaining– three adjectives that describe Kevin Monahan’s presentation today!

Sandy Toes Society would like to personally thank Mr. Monahan for sharing his tips and tricks to further our knowledge of the “Secrets of Social Media & Face to Face Marketing.” Kevin Monahan is Special Programs Director of UNF’s Small Business Development Center, and he plays a pivotal role in educating and assisting small businesses realize their dreams.

The Networking workshop was held at The Beaver Street Enterprise Center and attended by local small business owners in the Jacksonville community. All the entrepreneurs were excited to attend and learn more about how to share our passion with Jacksonville; Kevin Monahan did not disappoint. His presentation was not a dry lecture but rather an interactive demonstration which included role playing face to face networking situations. My favorite was the sharking technique TIP you do not interrupt a conversation at a networking event. If two people are engaged in a conversation and they continue to ignore you after you circle them, you just have to swim away. We all laughed, we learned and became infected with Kevin’s passion and enthusiasm as we realized his commitment to helping small business owners and the community of Jacksonville be successful, be all we can be, and fulfill our dreams. Thank you Mr. Monahan.

To learn more about the services that UNF Small Business Development offers contact:, 904-620-2476,

Sandy Toes Society

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