Artist Statement


I create my paintings and photographs expressing myself in poetic terms using metaphors and symbols.  My poetic visions travel with me in the natural world finding form for the lines of poetry I visualize in representational or abstract terms.  My “Three Birdies at Sunrise” captures three distinctly different birds; their character and form show their individuality as no bird is alike.  The center bird cries for food but stands tall on his one solitary leg.

I am inspired by the romantic view of nature which instructs us to value “all things great and small.”  This romantic view of nature was expressed by Samuel Taylor Coleridge in his poem, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.”  When the mariner kills an albatross he commits a crime against nature.  It is not until the mariner blesses the little sea snakes, that the burden of the albatross falls from his neck, “He prayeth best, who loveth best/All things both great and small.” It is this romantic view that fuels my visual imagination.  In my painting and photographs, I revel in revealing the commonplace in nature as special and unique if we look close, look far, and make connections that are not readily apparent.

In my photograph, “Lily Birds at Sunrise” I superimpose two images to create a peaceful, reflective mood inspired by my personal view of nature. Juxtaposing two images of nature from different times and locations gives birth to a separate magical moment.

Bird Flower

Poetic Visions

I continually connect the images in our natural world with inspiration from lines and stanzas from poems interweaving images seen and views imagined.

The Call

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